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Wood baths - «Green Park Conference & Spa Hotel»
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Wood baths

Green Park Hotel Complex features unique wooden saunas and wood-fired baths.

Benefits of visiting the steam room

  • Excellent hygienic effect
  • Massage with brooms tones and cleanses the skin, improves blood circulation
  • The use of herbs and essential oils disinfects the air in the bath and is the prevention of colds
  • A bathhouse outside the city is a great way to relieve nervous tension

If you have no contraindications, be sure to visit a bath and health complex at the Green Park Conference & Spa Hotel. There are wooden saunas and wood-fired baths at your service, where you can take a good steam and relax. These are rooms with spacious dressing rooms, as well as lounges with a fireplace and a kitchen area, where you can gather with the whole family or company.

Our health complex is located in a forest with good ecology. This is an advantage for amateurs of a bath in the country, fresh air and walks in picturesque places. We are located near Minsk, so it’s easy to get to us.

Price list for wood bath services

1. Access to a small bath / closed session (up to 10 people) 2.5 hours 150 BYN
2. Access to a large bath with the preparation of one steam room / closed session (up to 15 people) 2.5 hours 250 BYN
3. Access to a large bath with the preparation of two steam rooms / closed session (up to 30 people) 2.5 hours 350 BYN
4. Individual access to a small bath 2.5 hours 25 BYN
5. Sauna services 20 min 40 BYN
6. Group subscription for 1 month / closed session up to 10 people / in a small bath 3 hours 600 BYN
7. Individual subscription for a small bath (for 1 month) 3 hours 100 BYN


  • A bathrobe, towel and cloak are provided free of charge
  • Brooms included