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Sports grounds and convenient walking paths - «Green Park Conference & Spa Hotel»
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Sports grounds and convenient walking paths

Nothing can be better than camping if you are an urban resident in a state of constant stress. If you travel a few kilometres from the capital, find yourself in the fresh air among the forests, your emotional state will instantly improve. And if you add a little physical activity, then you will get an excellent workout that gives a boost of energy for a long time!

Green Park Hotel is a great place for walks

Walking is a gentle load for the body, since walking is considered a natural way for people to move.

The benefits of walking

  • Just an hour of walking at a moderate pace ‘burns’ up to 300 calories
  • There is no extreme load on the heart and blood vessels, so walking is useful even for people with diseases of the cardiovascular system
  • Almost all muscle groups are involved, which helps to keep the body in good shape
  • Unlike running, walking does not stress the joints

In addition, relaxing in the woods and walking allows you to enjoy the picturesque views. The area in which the Green Park Conference & Spa Hotel is located is incredibly beautiful. Here you will find lawns, ponds, coniferous and deciduous groves. And if you turn off the path and delve into one of the groves, you will see untouched corners of nature with a variety of plants. Be sure to take a camera for a walk in the woods. You will get wonderful shots!

Outdoor training

For amateurs of outdoor training, a separate sports ground is provided. Here you can warm up and work hard on individual muscle groups. If you prefer running, then we have all the conditions for such cardio training. There are well-maintained paths throughout the complex along which you can lay any route.