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Cold snacks - «Green Park Conference & Spa Hotel»
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Cold snacks

Assorted Seasonal Vegetables - 150/10/10/5
(cherry, cucumbers, sweet peppers, olives, lettuce, arugula)
5.00 BYN

(sauerkraut, pickl.ed mushrooms, pickled / lightly salted cucumbers, Korean carrot salad, pickled peppers)
12.00 BYN

Assorted homemade gastronomy - 160/30/16
(Boiled pork, chicken roulade, beef tongue, smoked brisket, basturhna,. rustic bacon, smoked Sausage or dried sausage, sauce, greens)
15.00 BYN

Assorted meat - 50/50/50/30/16
(Carbonade, polendvitsa, smoked brisket, dried sausage, horseradish)
13.00 BYN

Fish treat - 35/35/35/35/20/15/10
(Halibut, salted salmon, butterfish, mackerel, red caviar, butter, olives, lemon) • 18.00 BYN

Cheeses Collection - 200/30/70/20/10
(rocfortj, parmesan, maasdam, soft cheese, brie, honey, grapes, walnuts, greens)
18.00 BYN

Salmon Carpaccio - 100/20/25/10/25
(salmon, arugula, parmesan, lemon, olive oil)
21.00 BYN

Beef Carpaccio with Parmesan - 100/20/25/25/30
(beef, parmesan, cherry, lingonberry sauce)
18.00 BYN

Herring "for vodka» - 130/200/30/15/2
(slightly salted herring, boiled potatoes, pickled onions, greens)
10.00 BYN

Oriental snack "Imam Bayaldi" - 250/2
(eggplant, tomatoes, bell peppers, garlic, greens)
15.00 BYN

Caviar (salmon) with butter - 30/20
11.00 BYN

Caucasian snack basturma with pickled gherkins - 140/30
(jerky beef sirloin according to Caucasian recipes)
17.00 BYN