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Time to think about health

The Green Park begins joint programs with the Minsk Regional Clinical Hospital.

On January 15, 2021, a meeting was held between representatives of the Green Park Wellness and Hotel Complex and the Minsk Regional Clinical Hospital.

In accordance with the order of the Chairman of the Minsk Region Executive Committee A.G. Turchin of 09.12.2020, a joint program "Rest and Health" was prepared. The program in-volves accommodation and food for patients in comfortable conditions in the Green Park, outpa-tient treatment and rehabilitation in the Minsk Regional Clinical Hospital.

The program was developed by specialists of the Minsk Regional Clinical Hospital Murzina Tatyana — the head of the rehabilitation department, Dekonsky Alexey — the head of the car-diology department, Vorobey Snezhana — the head of the clinic, Katsubo Tatyana — the head of the extrabudgetary department, Nichvayuk Lyudmila — the director of the Green Park, as well as other specialists of the wellness and hotel complex. Representatives of the Minsk Re-gional Clinical Hospital got acquainted with the possibilities of the Green Park Wellness and Ho-tel Complex, gave recommendations on working with various categories of customers who will come for health improvement, treatment or rehabilitation.

Nichvayuk Lyudmila, Dekonsky Alexey, Murzina Tatyana get acquainted with the possibilities of accommodation, stay and organisation of health treatment in the Green Park.

The meeting participants agreed on programs, mechanisms of interaction, determined what procedures can be performed in the Green Park, and which ones will be carried out in the Minsk Re-gional Clinical Hospital.

The Healthcare Institution "Minsk Order of the Red Banner of Labour Regional Clinical Hospi-tal" concluded an Order No. 8-П-2020 with the Green Park Wellness and Hotel Complex, as well as the Contract for the provision of reimbursable medical services No. 47-M-2020 of 08.12.2020. In accordance with the Contract, the Green Park undertakes to act as an agent for the promotion of paid medical services, and in accordance with the Contract for the Provision of Medical Ser-vices, the Minsk Regional Clinical Hospital provides medical services to patients sent by the Green Park Health and Hotel Complex. Programs, application, program selection, booking and payment forms were agreed.

Nichvayuk Lyudmila noted that the implementation of socially significant programs is becoming an important area of activity. The COVID-19 pandemic has placed an extraordinary burden on the health systems of all countries. The World Health Organization (WHO) recommends that those who have suffered a severe form of COVID-19 disease undergo rehabilitation to restore their ordinary way of life and performance.

The partners also agreed on the form of the Application (Invitation) for admission for treatment, on the basis of which the citizens of the Russian Federation, to whom the programs are primarily targeted, will be able to freely come to our country. Our wellness and hotel complex has a medical centre, where all patients undergo quick PCR testing for COVID-19, after which doctors prescribe a rehabilitation or treatment program. The programs can be found on our website At the same time, for each invitee, after filling out an application form, conducting preliminary consultations, our specialists will prepare a treatment program indicating the time of its implementation.