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A perfect place for isolation and remote work - «Green Park Conference & Spa Hotel»
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A perfect place for isolation and remote work

Worldwide distribution of COVID-19 is still tense. The situation in Belarus is under control thanks to the measures taken. Minsk National Airport operates, and national airline — Belavia — continues to perform flights to Istanbul, Paris, Tallinn, Amsterdam, Berlin, London, Helsinki and other cities (check the departure/arrival board here)

The World Health Organisation recommends the reduction of contacts up to self-isolation as one of the effective measures. But how to maintain efficiency and the usual way of life, not to lose touch with partners, not to stop the business?

The sharp restriction on the movement of people by air has created many problems for both business and people. There is always a need for certain groups and citizens to make urgent trips. Minsk is one of the few European capitals you can get the right route through. Green Park hotel complex is an ideal place for transit passengers, privacy and remote work.

It has become an ordinary thing to transfer certain categories of employees to remote work. Yandex, Google, UniCredit, MTS, Beeline, Sberbank, P&G, Danone and many others have already done this. And we have? ... we have decent offers, timely and interesting enough!


  • High-speed Wi-Fi
  • Long-distance and international telephone communication
  • Satellite & IP TV
  • Comfortable rooms in the main hotel building
  • Personal wooden cottages
  • Food delivery to rooms and cottages
  • Laundry (extra charge)
  • Sports fields and equipment
  • Playground with entertainment
  • Free parking
  • Transfer to/from Minsk — Uruchcha metro station, Minsk National Airport

Prevention of viral diseases

As you know, there are people with both weakened and good health among the sick. For example, athletes and people leading a healthy lifestyle.

Privacy and remote work reduce the risk of infection. But strengthening of immunity and prevention give a guarantee of a quick recovery, even in case of illness.

On the territory of the hotel complex there are:

  • Sports fields for physical education in the fresh air
  • Walking in the fresh air in a picturesque forest — walking with proper breathing regulation enhances pulmonary ventilation and improves the circulatory system
  • Aquazone with pool, dry and wet saunas, fitness equipment
  • Healthy nutrition from natural products, vegetables and fruits strengthen the general immunity to viral diseases

Coniferous therapy

The hotel complex is located in a pine forest that fills the air with useful components. Nature itself created the conditions for natural healing:

  • coniferous therapy is a proven for thousands of years method of combating many diseases
  • the unique climatic features of our region — it is also called " the green lungs of the planet" — determine health and longevity

Up to  25%  discount for stays of one week or more