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The MFA of Belarus held a diplomatic reception in Green Park hotel complex

On July 15-19, 2019 in Minsk there took place the annual seminar of heads of diplomatic missions and consular establishments of the Republic of Belarus. During this time heads of the Belarusian diplomatic missions visited large enterprises, including the car makers "BELDZhI", "BELAZ", the Chinese-Belarusian industrial park "Great Stone", held a number of business meetings.

On July 19 the MFA of Belarus summed up the results of the annual seminar in Green Park hotel complex. The concluding remarks were made by the Minister of Foreign Affairs Vladimir Makei in whom he noted a contribution of the Belarusian diplomats to development of the international cooperation and also presented new tasks for the Belarusian foreign institutions.

Within this action diplomats were handed the medals "100 years of the diplomatic service of Belarus". Some diplomats were also awarded by the Diplomas of Honor of the Council of Ministers of Belarus.

By tradition the spouses of diplomats were invited to the official reception to promote the establishment and maintenance of contacts between diplomats, to exchange of views on important international problems.

The Green Park hotel complex becomes an attractive place not only for corporate events, but also for diplomatic receptions.

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