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We have everything you need for an outdoor activity holiday! - «Green Park Conference & Spa Hotel»
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We have everything you need for an outdoor activity holiday!

Spring and summer — these are the best times for outdoor activities: cardio, cycling, sports, SPA, a swimming pool, a wood-fired sauna. We have everything you need — territory, infrastructure, equipment!

Such activities help not only physical, but also mental state of the body stay in good shape. You will feel a wave of force, you will get an unreasonable feeling of joy. This is due to the production of the “hormone of happiness”, or serotonin, during uncomplicated physical exercises. With its help, the body recovers quickly after activities, and a person experiences happiness.

Cycling holidays are one of the most beloved ways to spend free time in Europe. But this is not an idle activity, which is also available in Belarus! It is pleasant to admire the beauty of the scenery around the Green Park Hotel from a car window. But it’s even better and healthier to breathe in the fresh air of a coniferous forest while riding bicycles.

We understand that it is inconvenient to bring your own vehicle. Therefore, we took care of you — and now you have the opportunity to rent bicycles for the whole family right on the territory of our hotel!

Good ecology around the Green Park hotel complex will make joining this popular European type of holiday doubly enjoyable.

Here you can also play sports. It is much nicer when you have friends around rather than doing sports alone. And since it is more pleasant, it is more useful. And there is a sports ground for this at the Green Park Hotel! Recently, the field has turned into a minifootball ground, which dimensions correspond to the standards for international matches.

We also have volleyball and tennis courts, a swimming pool, a gym and a boxing ring, walking and cycle routes. Your small fellow travelers will not be left without attention: our playground and summer houses are so much freedom for catch-ups, hide-and-seek and other games your kids love so much. There is a lot to choose from!