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Comfortable accommodation for aircrews

The hotel complex «Green Park Hotel» is located in 5 minutes from the Minsk National Airport «Minsk» and is perfect for recreation of flight crews.



The following accommodation options are possible:

Hotel: Long-term room rent (block of rooms) is offered. The block of rooms on the 2nd floor can be isolated from the other part of the hotel to ensure a special living regime (silence, early breakfast, late dinner, room service, etc.).

Wooden cottages: In a wooden cottage there are all necessary conditions for comfortable living, recreation, business meetings. The cottage has a living room, bedroom, study, kitchen, bathroom, boiler room, two terraces, a fireplace. The kitchen is equipped with an electric stove, mini fridge, kettle, and a set of dishes. In the bathroom there is a shower, toilet, hairdryer, toiletries.

Also in Green Park Hotel:

  • The restaurant »Svyata»
  • A unique Belarusian sauna on firewood
  • Outdoor walks in the picturesque forest
  • Original craft  beer


T: +375 (17) 7646000
Ф:+375 (17) 7646999
M: +375 (44) 7540806

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