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139 rooms

in 5 categories

10 wood cottages

The world of comfort near the airport «Minsk»
• Quick transfer - 5 minutes from the airport to the hotel• Picturesque place - a pine forest, clean air• Comfortable rooms, cozy wooden cottage

Cosy place for transit passengers
• Minsk National Airport - 7 km
• Minsk, metro Uruchcha - 25 km
• Industrial Park «Great Stone» - 5 km

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Green Park hotel complex is located in a pine forest. It includes: a hotel with comfortable rooms, a conference room, a restaurant, a SPA complex with a swimming pool, an alley of cozy wooden cottages, a brewery with a pub, universal sports grounds, unique wooden saunas and health trails.

A great place for transit passengers and travelers to relax, as well as for those who are looking for a hotel room in the country or a cozy cottage for a day near Minsk National Airport.

Cozy cottages and hotel rooms are a great place for a family holiday in the suburbs of Minsk. We also offer a range of wellness services, good catering, convenient parking, which is fun for children and leisure for adults.

You can rent a cottage, book a hotel room, a conference room, a banquet, a bathhouse, a transfer and other services right at our website


Drop all worries, relax or play sports, explore the unique hospitality of the Belorussian nature. Our services: unique wooden saunas on firewood; sports grounds; convenient routes for health walks in the pine forest.